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- Stage Directions Magazine (June 2004)


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Stage Directions Magazine, June 2004, p. 61

The Perfect Stage Crew: The Compleat Technical Guide for High School, College, and Community Theater is targeted at companies without Broadway-size budgets and resources, describing low-cost, low tech approaches to painting scenery, building sets, hanging lights, setting cues and operating sound. Author John Kaluta not only offers solutions to common stage performance problems, but explains the pitfalls to avoid as well. We're not sure about the book's promise that "middle and high school theaters, college theaters, community theaters, talent show organizers, and others will find all the resources neccessary to put on a stunning show in less than 40 days," but we agree that Kaluta covers all the basics. (His chapters even cover technical rehearsals, preparing tickets and generating publicity.) Clearly those who want a concise, nuts-and-bolts approach will find much of interest here and, for those, this book comes with our highest recommendation.

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